About Us

Steph Hendel is a weight loss brand dedicated to you and helping you become your healthiest, happiest, most vibrant self. Before 2014 it was only a dream of Steph's to create programs this easy to follow, drenched in support and motivation, and genuinely healthy. The programs have been so powerful that they have transformed the lives of over 500 women in weight loss, health and confidence.

We believe in making the impossible, possible so Steph began creating this program purely on that principle.  With her fiance Josh's help and support they expanded globally in early 2015. 

Steph and Body Built By Love have been featured by brands like Lorna Jane, Lululemon, Whole Foods, Pure Barre, FOX and ABC networks. 

We're located in sunny Southern California. We hope you'll visit us one day and "spend a week with us", a VIP opportunity to experience.



    Steph is known for delivering quick results in the shortest amount of time possible. Clients rave about her ability to transform their bodies quickly and efficiently.


    Learn the shortcuts to losing weight and being in the best shape of your life on a super busy schedule. Designed for busy boss ladies. 

  • FUN

    Not only can weight loss be fun, but it needs to be in order to create rapid and lasting results.  We don't believe in restriction and promise to always keep every training FUN


Will the results of this course last?

YES! Body Built By Love was created from Steph being tired of programs and courses that work temporarily but don't last. Every element of the courses are designed to give you long lasting results so that this is the LAST weight loss course you ever do. 

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