BABY Built By Love Course (Content Only)

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This course is unlike any birth course ever created. 

This is a birthing course for the body, mind and soul. 

This is about having the most empowering pregnancy, labor and postpartum experience possible. 

This course is a mix of practical, spiritual, emotional, and inner work training. 

It gets to be easy and enjoyable for you! 


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OPTION 2 - Course Content + Coaching Support 



“I’m 38 weeks now so baby will be coming sometime in the next few weeks! Ah!!! I have to say I’m anxious/nervous about how my life is about to change and I am nervous about childbirth for sure but I actually keep reminding myself that it can be easy for me if I choose it so why wouldn’t I choose it! I was convinced before being preggo that I would be this massive swollen blimp who gained a crazy amount of weight and had every negative side affect but when you made me realize I could choose I chose to say it would be easy, my body would gain what it needed for the baby and that’s what it did! I feel SO blessed that I’ve had a really easy pregnancy where I’ve felt great most of the time! Childbirth and breastfeeding and adjusting to new mom/no sleep life are the scary next hurdles but I keep reminding myself it doesn’t have to be HARD! Thank you for everything you've taught me. I can't express how much it's improved my life!