Body Built By Love Course

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Body Built By Love Course



MODULE 1 - Weight Loss Made Simple
MODULE 2 - Body Confidence
MODULE 3 - Immediate Inspiration
MODULE 4 - What The Experts Know (and you need to know if you want to lose weight)
MODULE 5 - Get The Mindset
MODULE 6 - The Simple Trick To Making Fitness Fun
MODULE 7 - Using Love to Shead 5 - 30 Lbs
MODULE 8 - A More Exciting New Year's Resolution



  • Daily Food Guide ($297 Value)
  • 8 Week Fitness Guide ($297 Value)
  • Motivational Videos
  • 3 Live Q & A Calls (Compare to $312/hr private coaching)
  • Weekly Transformational Action Steps (Priceless)
  • Life Changing Written Exercises (Priceless) 
  • Exclusive Access: Body Built By Love Course Facebook Group for Additional Support (Priceless)


​The beautiful thing about the internet is that because I can deliver this course to so many people at the same time that I don’t have to charge you the same amount that I would as if you signed up for my Private Mentorship Coaching Course.

The going rate for a single hour private coaching session is about $312.
10 hours of lessons = $3,120.
There is close to 30 hours of content in the Body Built By Love Course
30 hours of lessons = $9,360
Body Built By Love Course Price = Only $3,500

This program literally is almost the same price as ONE AND A HALF HOURS of my private coaching and you are getting me and hundreds of other women’s support for MONTHS! 

I honestly can’t imagine a more fun and simple way for you to succeed in transforming your body and your life into a body built by love and a life you LOVE TO LIVE!