Healthy Holiday Cookbook

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In the Body Built By Love Healthy Holiday Cookbook you'll will find breakfasts, appetizers, sides, and knockout desserts to get you through the holidays without the extra 10 - 15 pounds of weight gain.


This cookbook was designed with you and your health in mind so that you won’t feel guilty about eating delicious, festive foods.


Every dessert you’ll find here is free of artificial sugar and is crafted with sweeteners that contain nutrients. At Body Built By Love we believe that everything you eat should make you better. Bring these meals to Thanksgiving, Christmas and every holiday party you attend. Your friends, family and your body will love you for it!


All recipes are Gluten, Dairy and Artificial Sugar Free and centered around nourishing and slimming the body while tasting delicious and simple enough to fit into every busy bombshell's schedule. 


This cookbook is a digital download and includes no physical product.