I Love My Body Membership Year Payment Option

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Here’s what’s included: 
 Monthly Live Training + Q & A With Me
 Monthly Trainings With The Body Built By Love Coaches on How They Lost Weight and How They Are Maintaining/Continuing To Lose Weight
 Monthly Never Before Seen Videos from Programs like Body Built By Love, Body Back, Wake Up Happy, Sugar Detox Challenge, 9 Minute Workouts and the Healthy Holiday Mindset Course, etc. 
 Monthly Bonus Videos, Trainings, Workouts, Recipes, Nutrition Videos and Food Guides.
 Private Members Only Group for Continuous Support & Accountability. A space where you are accepted, loved and heard and can express what you are going through and know you won’t be judged. A spot where your flaws and imperfections are celebrated and understood. A place where it’s not only ok to be yourself but to forgive yourself and heal. 
 Experiential Exercises and Inner Work Prompts that allow you to feel, release and express your emotions so that you can drop the weight that’s been trapped by those emotions.
 Resources for falling in love with your body + how to stand in your power, love yourself where you’re at, find true happiness and success right where you are without having to change a thing, how to stop feeling trapped, and how to succeed as yourself.
 A loving community of women like you with similar goals for extra support and accountability.
 Exclusive Members Only Prices on all of my courses, programs, private coaching packages, retreats.