I Want To Eat This Every Day, FOREVER! Summer Cookbook

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"​For a recipe to go in my cookbook (I'm just giving you an FYI on this) it MUST be something that you would say "oh my gosh I want to eat that tomorrow and the next day and the next day because its is SO delicious!!!  I have VERY, super, ultra high qualifications for every recipe that goes in the cookbook and every recipe I eat.  So get ready for the most delicious Summer recipes on the planet!  Personally tested, loved and eaten all Summer long by muah."

​- Steph Hendel


Gluten, Dairy and Artificial Sugar Free recipes to nourish your body and get you in Summer bikini shape!  The "I Want To Eat This Every Day, FOREVER! Summer Cookbook"  is packed with delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, OMG delicious sides, Summer salads and desserts! 


BONUS: Steph's Healthy Summer Travel & Road Trip Food Guide - a simple list on what to pack for vacations, weekend getaways, one day travel and road trips. 


Every recipe designed by Steph is centered around nourishing and slimming the body while tasting EXTREMELY delicious.  All recipes are simple enough to fit into every busy boss babe's schedule. 





This cookbook is a digital download and includes no physical product.