Meditation & Self Healing Workshop

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MEDITATION & SELF HEALING WORKSHOP with Steph Hendel Tarnofsky & Josh Tarnofsky 


The Lexington Mediation and Self Healing workshop was such a success that we've made the recording available for everyone around the globe by request!


You'll get a workshop with amazing people having amazing breakthroughs and learning life changing skills.


- How to mediate quickly and easily 
- How to have amazing endless energy 
- Understanding how to self heal
- Chakras and how to use or align them for ultimate health and prosperity
- Getting rid of anxiety and depression 
- Different types of meditations for all of life’s scenarios


“This was the first time I’ve ever been able to meditate so deeply and so easily. I could do this all the time.”

“I could see a bright pulsing light in the front of my forehead. It felt so peaceful and beautiful.”

“My energy kept flowing into my hands and fingers and I could feel the ability to move the energy around.”

“I feel the most calm I’ve felt in years.”

“It was really cool to understand what my body is specifically telling me about my health and what inner work I need to do”